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Our work management suite supports planning, projects and day-to-day operations

Transform work at all levels

Current ERP software is not serving the resources sector’s needs. Sub-optimal allocation of ‘work demand’ and ‘resource supply’ throttles projects and production. While growth is limited by a clogged up capital project pipeline.

Ensemble Technology Overview

Our revolutionary ‘work is work’ approach finally aligns planning, projects and production to the organisation’s goals.

By integrating software systems, prioritising the work, and accelerating execution, our productivity suite empowers organizations to bust their bottlenecks and free up resources and investment dollars.

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Five big benefits

  • From our first call, we’ll uncover hidden value together.
  • Our platform integrates and exploits your existing software.
  • We transfer knowledge to your people from day one.
  • As an ensemble, we collaborate well with your contractors.
  • We’re willing to have skin in the game.

Noel Pillay

Vice President Operations

South32 Worsley Alumina

“With Ensemble’s help, without compromising safety, we’ve built a new system and improved our ways of working to significantly reduce our major shuts turnaround times.”

Tully Cashman

Cargill, APAC Manager

Organisational Development

“The thinking process and interventions David brings in this discipline have been a foundational component of our objective to improve business acumen, and our workforce capability to innovate and continuously improve the business models they operate.”

Erwin Schaufler

General Manager Refinery

South32 Worsley Alumina

“The way Ensemble has contributed to how we use TOC to optimise production bottlenecks is a material improvement for our plant.”

Simon Linaker

Improvement Manager

Bruce Rock Engineering

“We’ve definitely had a step-change in production. Engaging Ensemble was one of the best decisions we made this year. My mindset is totally focused now.”

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