Key benefits

  • increase throughput by at least 25%
  • achieve profits faster with drastically reduced lead-times
  • make promises on due-date performance with greater confidence
  • enjoy materially greater business results today
  • implement better processes for sustainable results

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The Ensemble Way

The Ensemble Effect happens when you properly manage the flow of value through your organisation. It’s about aligning your people, process and technology around a common goal to create more value.

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Why hire us?

Above all, we can deliver the results you’re looking for. But our own ways of working set us apart from other management consultancies.

  • Focused

    Our singular focus on ‘innovations in productivity’ has far-reaching effects. Our management systems can bring you more value than product innovation. Yet when you develop new products, better ways of working will bring those to market faster, too.

  • Tailored

    As a specialist consultancy, we are nimble, hungry and dedicated to personal relationships. More Savile Row than off the peg, our approach isn’t for everyone. But those leaders who get us enjoy both the process—and its remarkable fruits.

  • Tested

    Our uniquely experienced team knows what it takes to deliver real value in productivity, performance and profit. We’ve been doing this for blue-chip companies in Australia for over 15 years, with a proven track record in delivering outcomes faster, with greater reliability and agility—at lower cost.

  • Empowering

    By helping to build a ‘learning organisation’, we transfer our capabilities, giving you even greater results that are sustainable well beyond our initial engagement. From initial project engagement to our own Academy, we really do want to seed new ways of seeing the world of work.

  • True

    Simplifying complexity is what makes us tick. We combine an engineer’s curiosity with a business owner’s obsession with results. We value the courage and particular quality of mind that enables a person to overcome the fear of difficulty or danger and remain true to their convictions.

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You may be the best at what you do. But we believe we can help you improve how you do it.

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