• Challenges
  • Project over-time and over-budget with only 2 months to go, under threat of significant penalty and loss of reputation
    Saved $5m/month in savings by meeting a tight 8-week deadline
  • Workload inefficiently matched to key people's availability and skills
    Increased productivity by more than 100% and analysis time per defect from 5 days to a 1/2 day
  • Disorganised environment with little actionable project information
    Deployed a simple robust work management system using the existing technology suite
  • Success undermined by politicised culture between technology and the business
    Reframed the approach around 'one team' with a single, fact-based source of the truth


Key to the bank’s success was the ability to accurately assess, prioritise and balance all the work across existing resources. To do so, they needed to resolve the defects arising from the integration of over 150 legacy systems before the go-live date. Time was of the essence.

The bank called on Ensemble to develop a rapid solution that wouldn’t slow the existing flow of work or disturb the system unnecessarily. We combined our people and process methodology with simple, familiar and readily available technologies to create an effective system of work management.

The Ensemble Effect

Through the design of a simple but robust work management system that configured the existing technology suite to organise and optimise work, Ensemble was able to rapidly respond to the bank’s critical need for maximum effectiveness with minimal disruption.

Not only was the bank able to meet their targeted date for a trading system launch, but they also benefitted from a 100% improvement in productivity.

“You guys really pulled our feet out of the fire…”

—Project Director

Download the full CASE STUDY [PDF].

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