• Challenges
  • CEO’s signature transformation project ran increasingly behind schedule
    Beat 30-to-1 odds (from independent auditor) to deliver ontime completion
  • Implementation cost projected to be dramatically over budget
    Stretch date project completion saved $180m
  • Delay threatened the business case
    Successful project completion delivered enduring business value
  • Disparate team processes and behaviour were at odds with the project’s mandated charter
    Ensemble’s approach exemplified the mandated change, resulting in a highly productive team


Driven by their strategic vision of simplicity, accountability and effectiveness, the client sought to achieve a standardisation of processes and metrics across the enterprise. Realising that the SAP business transformation project was at risk, the client engaged Ensemble to provide the professional services to support project success.

The Ensemble Effect

Ensemble initiated a company-wide business transformation project to consolidate the SAP systems into one single, simplified, lower-cost platform. This unification addressed their challenges and provided the tools to manage their decentralised business effectively and efficiently. Through the implementation of an expert system of management, the client was able to meet the original project due date, saving costs and delivering the project’s business case early.

The project was so successful that an entirely new business division was established, embedding the Ensemble processes, methodology and tools in its policies and procedures, helping the enterprise deliver extraordinary value.

“There is a real sense that the team is uniting as a large family with the desire to achieve greatness—and Ensemble has played a key part in that.”
—Project Director

Download the full CASE STUDY [PDF].

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