• Challenges
  • $3m+ per day project over budget and behind schedule, with liquidated damages and loss of reputation
    50% construction productivity improvement helped in meeting the target date and avoiding millions of dollars in cost overruns
  • Project plagued by fire-fighting and crisis management, with over a dozen critical paths identified
    Single critical path identified to provide focus on completion
  • High levels of conflict between multiple stakeholders from diverse disciplines, trades and backgrounds
    Systemic approach to defining cross-trade dependencies, with a strong focus on deliverables
  • Ineffectively managing up to 4,000 people on-site using a controls reporting tool with too little detail
    Clearly differentiated the reporting tool requirements from the single-source work management system


Faced with the requirement to deliver on a major milestone by a fixed date to meet financial and resourcing targets, the joint-venture management called on Ensemble to help turn the project around. Our expertise in systems thinking allowed us to integrate cross-trade work and establish a platform for collaboration.

The Ensemble Effect

Ensemble used a systems approach to help key stakeholders understand that their current system of management stood in the way of efficient and effective planning and execution. We helped the project team to reconceptualise the project as a single system with interconnected sub-stems, and we organised the work by system, rather than by discipline, to optimise the overall effort.

The results were a clear win: a 50% improvement in construction productivity was achieved, the target date met, and millions of dollars in cost overruns and liquidated damages were avoided.

Download the full CASE STUDY [PDF].

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