• Challenges
  • High cost of returns, 5% of sales returned
    Reduced claims to 2% of sales
  • Decline in product quality
    Reduced warranty claims by over 60%
  • New development pipeline bottlenecks & product launch delays
    On-time delivery to meet seasonal launch window improved from below 60% to over 90%
  • Brand deterioration
    New product launches increased by 25%


The client’s accounting metrics were incentivising short-term, silo-focused goals—which was at odds with their larger operational goal of delivering superior products to the customer in a timely manner. The troubled manufacturer engaged Ensemble to help them understand the causes of these problems and to aid in implementing remedies using a systems approach.

The Ensemble Effect

A team effort and a new strategy to maximise value helped to turn the manufacturer around. With Ensemble’s insight, the team was able to re-align their goals and metrics across the value chain to significantly improve their time-to-market while dramatically reducing product returns.

The results? Among other successes, warranty claims were reduced by over 60%, and new product launches increased by 25%.

“People are now dedicated to trying to establish a system and culture of ‘quality on time’ and to convey this new way of thinking across the whole business.”
—Design Director

Download the full CASE STUDY [PDF].

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