Realise tomorrow’s grand vision while safeguarding today’s results.

The Ensemble Way offers four operational levers. Each can lead to a remarkable result.

Project Planning & Execution

Select, prioritise and adeptly manage portfolios, programs and projects

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Production Optimisation

Safely, reliably and cost effectively increase throughput

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Maintenance Management

Optimise productivity of heavy and routine maintenance

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Contractor Controls

Effectively manage all third-party work, capacity and costs

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A better way to do better work

Couple remarkable operating discipline to grand vision.

Operations Constraint Management

Maximise the net present value of your assets

Learn to know the whole then focus on the constraint.
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A faster way to better business outcomes

Our 60-day plan gives you optimum bang for your buck


Start discovery sessions

By interviewing the key players, we explore your context and drivers of success.


Get a constraint analysis

We articulate systemic causes of underperformance and identify your areas of greatest potential.


Engineer new possibilities

Workshops align the team around a new way of working, and turbocharge execution.

Working with us

  • Before you sign a contract, we’ll provide insight into your specific business case.
  • We’re willing to put a portion of our fees at risk and have skin in the game.
  • From day one, we take your people on secondment, creating buy-in and transferring knowledge.
  • We integrate and exploit your existing software until there is a compelling value proposition for any change.
  • As an ensemble, we collaborate well with your other consultants and contractors.

Noel Pillay

Vice President Operations

South32 Worsley Alumina

“With Ensemble’s help, without compromising safety, we’ve built a new system and improved our ways of working to significantly reduce our major shuts turnaround times.”

Tully Cashman

Cargill, APAC Manager

Organisational Development

“The thinking process and interventions David brings in this discipline have been a foundational component of our objective to improve business acumen, and our workforce capability to innovate and continuously improve the business models they operate.”

Erwin Schaufler

General Manager Refinery

South32 Worsley Alumina

“The way Ensemble has contributed to how we use TOC to optimise production bottlenecks is a material improvement for our plant.”

Simon Linaker

Improvement Manager

Bruce Rock Engineering

“We’ve definitely had a step-change in production. Engaging Ensemble was one of the best decisions we made this year. My mindset is totally focused now.”

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