Overcome inevitable variation and drive consistent throughput.

How do you really know what you can promise by when?
There’s a more effective way to synchronise the planning and performance of work.

Get production flowing

Bring order to chaos and build your reputation for reliability.

We’re the exclusive Australian distributor of Alkyone’s Simple Planning and TOC-SAP software.
(Partner site in German, Google Translate available)

Production Optimisation

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Safely, reliably and cost-effectively increase throughput.
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  • As an ensemble, we collaborate well with your contractors.
  • We’re willing to have skin in the game.

Noel Pillay

Vice President Operations

South32 Worsley Alumina

“Thanks to the ongoing efforts of our shuts team, exploiting the capability transferred by Ensemble, we have learned how to use TOC to continuously find new and better ways to reduce costs and minimise volume losses from our major shuts.”

Simon Linaker

Improvement Manager

Bruce Rock Engineering

“We’ve been able to generate some really fundamental differences here in the business. David’s been instrumental in building the discipline we needed.”

Erwin Schaufler

General Manager Refinery

South32 Worsley Alumina

“The way Ensemble has contributed to how we use TOC to optimise production bottlenecks is a material improvement for our plant.”

Tully Cashman

Cargill, APAC Manager

Organisational Development

“The thinking process and interventions David brings in this discipline have been a foundational component of our objective to improve business acumen, and our workforce capability to innovate and continuously improve the business models they operate.”

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