The Magnificent Seven: Books of 2018

When I looked back on the books I reviewed this year as a springboard to a conversation I found I’d covered unconsciously (or was it?) some core themes that represent a sort of mini-syllabus for how to transform your organisation. Or even your life. Although I’ve found myself increasingly turning to online videos and podcasts


Finding flow is hard, but possible

Why does our productivity rarely meet our own expectations? When planning our work, most of us make a reasonable effort to estimate how long we’ll need. While any given task seems perfectly doable on its own, when we string together a sequence of them we rarely achieve our target. If we were as productive as


The U Journey: Running the Foundation Workshop

This is Part Three of our series on the ‘Explore’ phase of The U Journey to guide an organisation through a transformation. This is Part 3 of our series on The U Journey: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part


mediumHow to change: Introducing Theory U

Bringing about deep change in an organisation is hard. Legendary management consultant W Edwards Deming claimed that transformation was simply not possible without profound knowledge: appreciation for a system, knowledge of variation, theory of knowledge and the psychology of people society and change. With my engineering background, I appreciate the systems view, understand variation, and


Change up to a Critical Chain Operating System?

In the movie City Slickers, cowboy Jack Palance is riding with Billy Crystal who’s slowly shrugging off a midlife crisis. He asks if Crystal knows what the secret of life is. ‘No, what?’ The old-timer raises his index finger and, pausing for dramatic effect, says, ‘One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and


Springboard: One Mission

The latest in our series that uses the ‘book review’ format as a springboard into a wider conversation about the world of work—and how to do it better. One Mission by Chris Fussell ____________________________ It’s become fashionable to rail against hierarchy and to assume that people, once energised by their mission, can organise themselves into


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