Measurably reliable and agile

Few performance standards deliver the competitive advantage you gain by keeping your promise to deliver on time, doing so faster than your competitors, and suffering no defects while you’re about it.


Managing accounting’s relevance

Eli Goldratt famously said, ‘Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave. If you measure me in an illogical way… do not complain about illogical behaviour.’ If you measure and reward activity, then activity’s what you’ll get.


Six questions for financial performance

Who wouldn’t want more for less? More profit from less investment? More government services for fewer taxes? More charity work for less administrative overhead? But what measures will help us hit or exceed our productivity ambitions?


mediumProductively safe where the worker meets the work

Zero harm is a universal aspiration. But you can be perfectly safe and go perfectly broke. How can we ensure the best chance of achieving zero harm while providing a sustainable and competitive return to our shareholders?


Quantum Work Management

As the internet was to the printing press, Artificial Intelligence is to the internet—a game-changer. Combining ubiquitous distributed computing with the hitherto unimaginable power of machine learning, the tiniest packet of work transforms into a building block for a giant leap in productivity.


Integrating Work

Integrated work management and systems thinking are two sides of the same coin. Since constraints govern the rate at which systems deliver value, the imperative, if maximising value is your goal, is to know the whole – that is, the system – but focus on the constraint.


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