When managers learn together

No matter how much you know, it will never be more than a pebble on the beach compared to the vast oceans of what you don’t know. But what if we can establish better ways of learning and sharing our knowledge together?


Necessary but not sufficient

As big and bold as the Theory of Constraints (TOC) is, it’s not sufficient, alone, to deliver on its inherent potential. As trains need track and ships need water, TOC needs a cultural and organisational infrastructure to get you to where you want to go.


Debottlenecking your contracting strategy

You want to deliver superior project outcomes, on time or early, on budget or below—with all the scope the project called for. You have to rely on outside organisations to provide products and services. What’s your ideal contracting strategy?


mediumThe 5-Step FOCUS – Start Again

‘Avoid inertia. Start again.’ Those were Goldratt’s exact words for the final focusing step. Once you’ve made an investment of money, time and effort, the constraint will move. Ideally, you’ll find it where you intended.


The 5-Step FOCUS – Uplift system performance

Once you’ve squeezed all the blood you can from a stone, it’s time to get more stones. In its essence, that’s what the uplift step is all about.


The 5-Step FOCUS – Collaborate Around the Constraint

While it may be desirable to be liked when asking people with whom you work to collaborate, it is not always necessary, and it is never sufficient.


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