More Than Just Work

In this new series of articles, I’d like to share some of the books that have stood out for me recently. I’ll use the ‘book review’ format loosely as a springboard into a wider conversation about the world of work—and how to do it better.

Each of the books we’ll look at has contributed to my ongoing learning and deeper understanding of how I move forward in my mission to bring more justice to work. In some ways, reading them has been like a cold shower—painful, shocking even, but refreshing.(more…)


What is the Theory of Constraints?

You’ve probably heard about managing your work using the Pareto Principle, or the ‘80/20 rule’. The idea being that 80% of outcomes derive from 20% of the causes. The causes may be clear in retrospect. But how do you know what to focus on in advance?

Organisations are complex and interdependent in nature. What one person believes will improve the organisation is usually limited to their domain expertise. Many times, individuals can’t see the global impact of their localised perspectives. Compounding the issue, management rewards behaviours using metrics and accounting systems that optimise local priorities at the expense of the business as a whole. (more…)


To be, or not to be, our best selves?

One of the greatest gifts of growing up in a Western culture is the emphasis placed on what Jung called individuation. While our identity is partially defined by our gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic group, age, wealth, class, and other determinants, we are ultimately unique individuals.

As we progress through life and explore the deep questions of who we are, how we got here, why we’re here and what’s going to happen when we pass on, our culture calls on us to find our own conclusions—to become an individual. For me, this is what the lifelong journey of personal mastery is all about.(more…)


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